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Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew Streat and today I want to tell you some information about what you should need as a roadside kit in case of an emergency breakdown on the roads or highways. Here are my suggestions to help you survive until you get help. I will keep it short.

How should your vehicle be prepared

First of all, your vehicle must be prepared for all seasons with a good battery, good tires and be mechanically sound. Next you must keep a survival kit in your vehicle in case of a breakdown.

Survival kit should consist:

  • Jumper cables to boost your battery

  • Flares for people to know where you are

  • Blankets to keep you warm

  • Flashlight to see in the dark

  • Energy bars or chocolate to keep your energy levels high

  • Compass to get your bearings

  • Shovel to dig out your vehicle

  • Portable battery operated heater to keep you warm

  • Battery power pack that can be solar charge if needed

  • Communication device like a cell phone, satellite phone, or walker talkie

And all this stuff should be kept inside your car and not in the trunk.

Do you have a roadside assistance service

A roadside assistance program is a must if you drive a vehicle especially long distances. For many years, I was a member of both AAA in USA and CAA in Canada. But I found that there were lacking some things that were important and many people do not think about them until you are face with an emergency roadside assistance situation. For example:

  • Tow: How far will you tow me and where will you tow me?

  • Lodgings: Will you reimbursement me if my car needs to be fix and I needed a place to stay?

  • Sickness: I took in ill and I need assistance getting home can you help?

  • Bond: I am arrested for some traffic infraction and I need a bond to get out of jail can you help?

  • Discounts: Can you get me discounts on services at selective locations nationwide?

My personal recommendation

I found that many services out there could only cover 1 or 2 of these points mentioned above. And their subscriptions to the service was outrageous. That is why I went looking for a better service and found one called Motor Club of America / MCA. It offered its members over $150,000 in benefits and a realistic monthly payment plan. In fact, I have been a member since November 2013.

I highly recommend their service because when I used the service in May 2014 to jumpstart my car. The person came to my help quickly and he was very knowledgeable and helpful.

mca comparision with aaa

Have safe driving this season.

Click here now for further details on MCA or Motor Club of America roadside assistance program

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