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Who I am

My name is Andrew Streat and  I have been a product user with Motor Club of America / MCA since 2014.  I drive between 1,000 - 1,500 miles a month and I went looking for a roadside assistance program to replaced my AAA plan since I thought it was not getting enough value for my money even as a premium member. I was referred to Motor Club of America by a friend and my assumptions of AAA was correct.

MCA / Motor Club of America offers me tremendous value unlike AAA in excess of US$150,000 and in areas that I didn't realize a motor club would cover such as discounts on prescriptions, vision, dental care and daily hospital care benefits up to 1 year.  But most of all, these services, discounts and benefits are offered to me at a very low incredible value.

I am an independent marketing distributor for MCA since February 2015.  MCA is a network marketing company and I am also the founder of the marketing team called the Westie International Marketing Group or WIMG for short and I have been involved with the network marketing industry since 1991.  Below you will find a video link and message from me explaining more my reasons for using MCA services.  Click here now to review.


How it began

Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc was founded in 1926 when three brothers established the Auto club. William, David and Samuel green were born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the children of Russian immigrants.  William, the second eldest, was the one who took the lead in the auto club business, after having worked a brief time as an accountant.  He would serve as chairman of the auto club and its businesses for more than 50 years. as automobiles became more common in the 1920's, drivers looked to pool their resources to provide mutual assistance, leading to the rise of auto clubs that could provide maps and help with emergency repairs and towing.

Initially the greens conducted business in a one-room office in Newark, New Jersey. In 1933 the company became known as the automobile Association of New Jersey and moved to a storefront location. The auto club began attracting members beyond New Jersey as it created operations in 13 other states as far north as Maine, as far as Florida and as far west as Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

The company changes its name to Motor Club of America in 1958.  It subsequently built a five-story headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey, to house the auto club operations.

In the early 1980's Motor Club memberships had enjoyed steady growth, with operations now spreading to include 29 states. Much of this out-of-state growth was fueled by a program with AVCO Financial Services, Inc.

In December 1986 the three Green brothers sold their entire holdings to Trac, Inc. the Tulsa Oklahoma company that owned Thrifty-Rent-A-Car System, Inc. as part of the transaction, Trac gained five of the eight seats on the MCA board. The Green brothers remained directors and officers of the company, but management effectively changed hands.

By 1992, Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. had become one of but a few licensed and qualifies auto clubs to do business in all fifty (50) states, and Canada. in addition, they met and continue to meet qualifications as a issuer of driver related arrest bonds certificates in all fifty (50) states.

In 1996, Trac, Inc. sold Motor Club of America Enterprises, inc. to JVL Holding Properties, wholly owned by Virgil W Coffee, a long term veteran in the motor club industry and co-founder of National Association of travel Organizations (NATO)

JVL Holding Properties, at the time of acquisition, owned two entities, TVC Marketing Associates, Inc and TVC Pro-Driver, Inc.  Subsequent to the acquisition of Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc, JVL Holding founded or acquired, Auto Help Line of America, Inc., Auto Club of America, Corp., and Small Business Club of America, Inc. in 2010 JVL Holding, Inc. was renamed TVC Holding, Inc.

What should I do next

I would suggest that you continue taking the tour of this website by clicking on the services link below and review all of Motor Club of America / MCA services which adds up to over US$150,000 in benefits to club members who pays a very reasonable monthly plan for the services.

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